All the housing listed below is currently available, all able to be produced and assembled in weeks, all have low carbon/zero carbon foot prints, exceed energy efficiency standards, of good design and use high quality materials.
It is safe to say they exceed traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ construction build quality and are guaranteed the same if not longer. (NHBC guarantees or equivalent are available on these homes) The below list showcases the international approach to locally produced, low cost, high quality ,small floor plate housing, and thus while we are examining the UK only ,we must be sure we are competitive against technologies and the latest production techniques.

United States:Rural Studio is an off campus ,design build program of the University of Auburn, they offer a full hi-tech, eco-friendly home for under $20 000.00 (materials of $12000 and labour, assembly installation of $8000.00,The project is mainly aimed at underprivileged members of society in less affluent areas, to date they have serviced 3 states and have created over 600 projects ,this is a collaboration between the University of Auburn , students and society ,many students spend many years on the program going on to teach and use these concepts In their careers and lives in construction, it is therefore an organic, evolving approach to eco-friendly, design led house building techniques that infiltrates society.
These techniques together with the recently introduced relaxed planning approach in the UK, and the introduction of more land to build on is a viable solution to create a grass roots, eco-friendly self-build program.
The requirement for housing could be achieved using the above model as families can be homed for a fraction of the current UK model cost, with the added benefit of always being able to change if required to rebuild, renovate or extend accordingly.
It must be stated that this must not become a shanty town approach, rather a structured, building regs approved program, but clearly the 600 homes built to date do thus far stand to testament of this approach.
virtual 6
$20 000 home produced by Rural Studio.

Japan: Muji:A Japanese company that produces a specially designed house over three floors, designed in response to requiring high quality, assemblyhome that can be assembled in the small confines of inner city small streets, consistent with Japanese inner city housing Muji offers comparatively the same space as traditional homes, but with all the advantages of factory quality build.
virtual 7
MUJI housing offers open plan high quality housing, which is panel based in construction(Ward)

A further advancement in this regard is the UK government’s initiative through The Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA’s) Custom Build Serviced Plots Loan Fund which provides a £150 million fund for schemes of between 5 and 200 housing units. Funding will be made available to support the development of serviced plots to help the growing number of people who want to custom build their own home.(User)
The funding is available until 2020 and is aimed at shovel ready sites to assist with the purchase and finance of this form of housing

One of many producers is Dwelle ,Manchester based the firm produces what seems like high quality sheds, but that’s as far as it goes, every aspect of the houses are high tec, and very high quality .The supply chain ensures the component producers from the carpets to the cladding are themselves energy efficient ,low carbon manufacturers. The houses start as a basic one or two bed formats but can have pods added at any time to create up to large 5 bed family homes, as families grow, with specifications such as Boche kitchen appliances, or Homes are ordered online in a clear 10 step process, the entire production process is factory based, and ensures precision manufacturing, this has clear advantages amongstothers: Less production material waist, efficientuse of labour, reliable delivery and assembly times,
While the home is being produced the site can be prepared with foundations, services, waste waters etc. Homes in this fashion can be produced and assembled on site ready to move into within weeks.

virtual 8
Dwells housing offers high quality,above two or three ‘pods’ can be linked together to create double or larger houses-this can be done anytime as families grow.

Releasing more land
In 2009/10, 2,258 homes were approved. In 2013/2014, the number had risen to 5,607. By the following year, 2014/2015, it had more than doubled to 11,977.(“Building on Greenbelt Land Has Soared over Five Years – BBC News”), England has 13 greenbelts covering 13% of the land, 1,639,560 hectares.
This number has been reduced by 32 000 hectares in last 10 years. This represents less than 1% of total greenbelt land.
Close comparison of the greenbelt map and Lumino city maps show that the UK population by in large are centred in the major urban centres, but these are tightly surrounded by green belts. (“Luminocity3d”)(Quilty-Harper), therefore as the population centres are expanding outwards it’s only a matter of time until the established greenbelt borders are going to be encroached on.

Relaxing Reits legislation thus making corporate residential investing just as profitable as commercial development.
A look at the numbers…if we started tomorrow we would need to build 782 homes per day …every day, (including weekends, and all holidays).
The National Housing Federation estimated 974,000 homes were needed between 2011 and 2014. But figures from 326 councils showed only 457,490 were built during that period.
Some 240,000 planning applications were given detailed permission in 2014.
Compared with 158,000 in 2011(“‘Million’ New Homes Aim Declared by Minister Brandon Lewis – BBC News”)

Assuming companies the size of Prudential would invest £1BLN each into housebuilding schemes, which is a minute percentage of their available funding into residential developments, and,
Assuming bench mark industry figures of £1000 per sq. m of new construction costs, then 13 333 family size 75 sq. Meter, family homes could be built per scheme per company.
Assuming 25 such funds qualify in the UK (in reality there are 100s of funds of this size),
Then 333 000 additional homes would be built, add this to the current 150 000 per annum, and we are approaching 480 000 new housing units per year.


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